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“For almost 25 years, The BCF has helped make Barbados stronger and more vibrant, due to the generosity of both local and international supporters.  Thank you for joining us!”

Sir Paul Altman

Founder of The Barbados Community Foundation

Our Story

The BCF was established in 1999 to tackle the most pressing needs in Barbados, and has been dedicated to building and strengthening our community for close to 25 years.

Founded by a group of local business leaders and international philanthropists, the BCF has benefited from the generous financial investments of Barbadians and non-Barbadians who care about the island.

The BCF receives charitable donations, manages the gifts responsibly, and then allocates grants in three priority impact areas, to trusted registered charities and nonprofits in Barbados.  With the oversight of an independent volunteer Board of Directors and deep connections across the community, the BCF has granted more than $8 million.

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