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“Since 2005, The BCF has supported our accessible buses which have empowered and improved the lives of people with disabilities in Barbados.”

Roseanna Tudor

Barbados Council for the Disabled

Impact Areas

In order to improve the lives of Barbadians, the BCF has identified three priority areas.  By focusing our general funding in these key areas, we intend to have the greatest impact in the short and long term.  These priorities reflect current pressing needs in Barbados, and align with the UN’s Sustainable Development goals for the region.

Heping Children Thrive

Helping Children Thrive

Poverty is most often at the root of children not being able to thrive, and with 30% of children and young people in Barbados living in poverty (according to Unicef), this is a pressing concern.  The impact of poverty is often seen in poor nutrition, reduced access to education, learning difficulties, and behavioural challenges.   


To ensure children are ready to learn and have what they need to flourish, The BCF funds:

  • Educational supports, such as: textbooks, uniforms, breakfast programs, and remedial classes

  • Parenting skills training and support

  • Emotional/social skills development

  • Conflict resolution for youth

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Featured Project:

Creating Econoic Sustainability
Blue Skies

Creating Economic Resilience

With an unemployment rate of almost 11% in Barbados, identifying more pathways to individual economic sustainability and industry innovation is required for greater and inclusive prosperity. 


To advance these goals, The BCF funds: 

  • Blue economy and environmental sustainability projects that create new employment opportunities

  • Entrepreneurial development initiatives

  • Skilled trades and emerging technologies training programs

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Featured Project:

Support > Chronic Illness & Disabilities

Supporting Those with Chronic Illness & Disabilities

Barbados has one of the highest incidences of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Americas, including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancers, and pulmonary disease.  25% of all adults in Barbados have an NCD, and an astounding 7 out of every 10 deaths in Barbados is attributed to these diseases.  And for those who live with disabilities, accessibility, accommodation, and inclusion are critical priorities.  


To support those managing with chronic illness and disabilities, The BCF funds: 

  • Medical needs grants

  • Practical and rehabilitative supports

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Featured Project:

Disaster Response
Blue Skies

Disaster Response

Through the time-sensitive generosity of our many donors, the BCF is a trusted partner to respond when natural disasters strike - in Barbados and in neighboring islands across the region.  We have directed urgent funding to some of the most devastating events in the region, including:

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Featured Project:


Like most places in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on children and families across Barbados.  The BCF was quick to mobilize independently, and partnered with other philanthropies.  We continue to respond as the effects of the pandemic linger.

Since March 2020, we:

  • Provided basic needs support for those who lost income sources

  • Purchased and distributed PPE and medical equipment and supplies

  • Initiated food security strategies

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