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“RBC Capital Markets is proud to support The BCF’s Local Love Fund!  When we give to The BFC, we know the funds will get where they will help the most.” 

Paul Holub

RBC Capital Markets

Give to BCF

The Barbados Community Foundation is a charitable home for anyone who loves Barbados and wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  We receive charitable donations, manage the gifts responsibly, and then allocate them to trusted registered charities and nonprofits working in our priority impact areas in Barbados.​


There are three ways you can get started...

Give To BCF


Support the Local Love Fund.


Gifts to the BCF’s Local Love Fund support organizations and community groups doing important work in one or more of our three priority impact areas.  BCF vets these partners for accountability and results, and makes grant allocation decisions quarterly.  By supporting the Local Love Fund you are joining forces with other generous donors who want to create a more vibrant Barbados.     


Donate Now


Support a Barbados charity of your choice.


Do you have a specific organization you’d like to support?  Or would you like some recommendations about charities doing important work on issues you care about? 


For a modest fee, we accept donor-directed contributions and are able to provide the necessary due diligence, community expertise, and administration to ensure your gift gets to where you want it to and starts making a difference. You may make your gift anonymously, or we can share your details with the recipient for the recognition or stewardship you prefer.


Contact us for more details



Establish your own Giving Fund.


With a minimum gift of $20,000 BDS, you can set up your own Giving Fund with the BCF.  Once your Giving Fund is established you may direct gifts to the Local Love Fund or charities of your choice - over time, quickly, and conveniently.        


Contact us for more details


Did You know You Could Save on Taxes?

If you file income taxes in Barbados your charitable donations to the BCF may be tax-deductible.  For most donations, the Government of Barbados allows donors to claim a deduction of up to 10% of income, and for donations of $1 million BDS or greater, this increases to 50%.  Please consult professional expertise relevant to your personal circumstances.

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