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La Soufriere Eruption 2021 

St.Vincent and the Grenadines Environment Fund       

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In response to the La Soufriere eruption in 2021, the BCF was able to respond with financial support to the St. Vincent & The Grenadines Environment Fund for the purchase of tools, materials, and supplies needed for families to repair their homes and rebuild their livelihoods.  While those whose homes were destroyed received support from the local government, those who needed to repair their homes (such as replacing a roof) did not, leaving a major gap in community recovery the BCF was happy to address.


The devastating ash-fall and lahars also dealt a blow to local agriculture as many crops and seedlings were destroyed, along with the ability to generate income for those in the industry.  Funding from the BCF helped the development of a farmer’s co-operative to give farmers a forum to come together to share experiences and resources, better source seeds regionally and internationally, and identify adaptive farming practices.  

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